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Ramosu 28 Days Aqua Cream

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[Product Description]
The patented natural complex which has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-acne and soothing effect and bee venom soothe skin damaged by acne, external environment, and stress.
They also immediately provide deep and long-lasting hydration, restoring moisture to dry skin.


1. Effective way to get rid of acne


Bee venom that suppresses activation of P.acnes and inflammation

Anti-bacterial natural extracts complex effective in soothing skin

 (Patent Registration: 10-0910747)

- Fermented beans, Portulaca Extract, Willow, Oregano leaves, Cypress leaves,  Cinnamon Extract, Gold Extract


2. Control excessive sebum by normalizing oil and moisture balance


Aqua cream does not contain oil and it is not greasy. Hyaluronic acid which attracts moisture hydrates the skins.

This blocks excessive sebum secretion and normalizes oil and moisture balance.


3. Light texture without stickiness


Light texture with rich moisture has a cooling effect, immediately eliminating dryness. It is absorbed into the skin without stickiness. Therefore, it is great for oily skin with excessive sebum secretion.


4. 100% Free Seven harmful ingredients

No mineral oil, paraben phenoxyethanol, benzophenone, phthalate, SLES, artificial coloring



[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]


Preventing and soothing acnes in teenagers & adults

Restoring damaged skin swiftly

Controlling sebum

Fresh moisturizing

Caring sensitive skin


[Active ingredients]


• Purified bee venom :  Powerful anti-inflammation and immunity boosting

• Fermented beans : Enhancing hydration and skin immune system

• Propolis : Relieving allergies, powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant effect

• Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf : Relieving stress, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and  anti-odor effects, excellent skin soothing effect, boosting immune system, preventing and relieving acnes

• Portulaca Oleracea: skin soothing, skin irritation relief, wound healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effects

• Centella asiatica : Skiin regeneration, trouble calming, wound healing, skin contraction

• Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water : Promotion of skin cycle circulation, pore convergence, skin soothing, inhibition of toxic activation

• Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Allowing glowing skin texture, boosting skin hydration

• Sodium Hyaluronate : Skin regeneration, anti-inflammation, antibacterial function, prevention of aging, skin moisturization

• Beta-glucan : Immunity enhancement, anti-bacterial function, anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, moisturizing


[How To Use]


At the last stage of basic skin care steps, take an appropriate amount of the cream and spread over the entire face until fully absorbed.


Prevent and improve acne in teenagers: Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Concentrate> Aqua Cream

 - After washing the face, soothe the skin with Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Concentrate
which has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Finish with aqua
cream. It will prevent or improve the acne in teenagers.



Prevent and improve acne in the 20s : 28 Days Magic Clear ampoule > Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Concentrate> Aqua Cream

- After washing the face, strengthen the skins ability to resist bacteria with Magic Clear Ampoule which is made of pure Vitamin C. And this Pure vitamin C, niacinamide with excellent brightening effect and arbutin improve pigmented areas due to skin problems.

Then, soothe skin with aloe vera ampoule which has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Finish with Aqua cream. It will improve adult acne.


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Ramosu Bounce Up Aqua Cream