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Ramosu Collagen Ampoule 200

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[Product Description]

This ampoule, formulated with an ultra-high concentration of marine fish-scale collagen -
full of 17 amino acids - works to restore the integrity of your complexion; combating blemishes,
tightening pores and counteracting sagging, so your skin becomes firmer, brighter and younger-looking.

[ Features]


1. Improve skin elasticity and Reduce Wrinkles
By replenishing low molecular nano collagen into the aged skin where the elasticity fell and the wrinkle formed because of the decrease in collagen, it gives the elasticity to the skin by restoring the fibrous tissue structure within the skin and promoting the cell.

Also, with the use of strong lifting that tightens the skin as soon as being absorbed into the skin, it takes care of the drooped skin to become tight again and it is also helpful for an alleviation of fine wrinkles.


2. Exhibiting the natural function of Fish-scale collagen for 100%

Since the unique smell and stickiness is severe, collagen cannot be used in an undiluted solution, it could not deliver the natural function of collagen for 100% due to little content in existing cosmetics.

However, Ramosu collagen ampoule delivers the effect that collagen has directly to the skin by eliminating uncomfortable smell in the process of nano conversion, and prescribing 100% of collagen solution.


3. Light texture without stickiness

Despite the 100% ampoule with collagen solution of high concentration, it absorbs
well without leaving behind any residue and it gives a direct effect of tightening immediately.


4. Deliver benefits of collagen deep Into the Skin Fast Absorption Rate



Collagens extracted from the marine fish-scale

Applying nano-technology


 It increased by double in skin's ability to absorb via the nano conversion again of marine fish-scale collagen which contains little molecule, and by absorbing fast with light and refreshing formulation, it enables to fill the skin gap densely to rise tightly from the skin inside.

[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]

• Prevention of skin aging
• Improvement of skin elasticity

• Pore tightening

• Preventing wrinkles and fine lines
• Keeping skin moisturized
[Active ingredients]
100% pure collagen
[How To Use]
After washing, apply a few drops and massage over the entire face until absorbed morning and night.
[Mixing and matching with other skincare products]
• Combine with other Ramosu concentrate ampoules! Create your own custom skincare serums.

Add to any lotion or cream! Double the collagen effect.
Mix Collagen with toner! Make your own moisturizing spray.




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Ramosu Collagen Ampoule 200

Ramosu Collagen Ampoule 200

Ramosu Collagen Ampoule 200