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Ramosu Propolis Extract 100 %

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[Product Description]

Harvested from hives at select clean bee farms, this 100% pure ampoule is enriched
with natural propolis that purifies skin tone and prevents skin damage by reinforcing the
skin barrier functions against external aggressors.



1.  Acne Improvement

Propolis is also capable of keeping external bacteria at bay and preventing acne
breakouts thanks to its extraordinary sterilizing and antibacterial capabilities. It is
also ideal in treating inflammatory acne and fighting inflammations caused by
propionibacterium, a skin bacteria responsible for the formation of nodules on your skin.


2.  Skin Protection


Formulated with 100% concentration of purified propolis extracts, Ramosu Propolis
Extract 100 ampoule maximizes the soothing properties and the protecting action
against external aggressors. Just as honeybees keeps their hives sterilized with propolis,
your skin will also benefit from its antimicrobial defense against harmful environmental
irritants, including viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells; leaving skin feeling
smooth and purified.


[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]
• Relieves itchy or irritated skin.
• Prevents roughness caused skin damage.
Trouble mitigation and skin protection from external stimuli
Skin purifying effect
Gloss supply to the skin
[Active ingredients]
100% pure Propolis Extract
[How To Use]
After washing, apply a few drops and massage over entire face until absorbed morning and night.

[Mixing and matching with other skincare products]
• Combine with other Ramosu concentrate ampoules! Create your own custom skincare serums.
• Add to any lotion or cream! Double the propolis benefits.

• Mix Propolis Extract with toner! Make your own moisturizing spray.


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Ramosu Propolis Extract 100 _

Ramosu Propolis Extract 100 _

Ramosu Propolis Extract 100 _