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Ramosu Argan oil 100 %

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10ml×3 ea

[Product Description]

Produced with top-grade certified-organic argan oil, our multifunctional formula contains astonishing
skincare benefits to create a well-hydrating, vibrant complexion and restores your hair’s rich
shine and smooth texture.
Absorbed quickly into skin without leaving a greasy finish, it deeply replenish a dull, dehydrated
skin and revives dry or stressed hair; delivering a fresh, dewy glow, and keeps you looking young
and beautiful from head to toe.


1. Hydrates and Soften Skin

• Obtained French organic certified Eco Cert mark
• 100% pure organic oil without mixing other oils
Ramosu Argan oil not only keeps the skin moisturized and well-hydrated but also
smoothes tough or rough skin.

2. Benefits for Your hair and nails keep hair shiny and nails healthy

• Helps repair damaged hair, Add shine and Tames frizzy hair

• Soften cuticles and strengthennails, while preventing splitting

• Not only heals dry or chapped lips, but also keeps your lips soft, smooth and moist

3. Reduce the wrinkles and Restore elasticity

Ramosu Argan oil is made up of 80 percent fatty, primarily oleic (Omega 9) and linoleic
(Omega 6) acids, that provide anti-aging benefits.
Fatty acids are essential to the health of your cellular membranes – keeping the skin
elastic and firm, and improving moisture retention. They are also fight free radicals
and improve skin elasticity, which in turn prevents premature aging signs like wrinkles,
age spots, fine lines and saggy skin.
[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]
• Providing moisture and gloss to dry lips and skin.
• Improvement of dry, chapped, and damaged skin
• Improvement of nail cuticles
• Callus care in elbows, heels and knees
• Restoration of hair damage
• non-oily refreshment for your skin

[Active ingredients]

100% pure Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil ( Organic)
[How To Use]
• Apply 2~3 drops and massage over entire face until absorbed morning and night.

[Mixing and matching with other skincare products]

• Combine to any lotion or cream! Double the hydration effect.
• Add to BB cream or foundation! Create a natural and dewy lookingmakeup.

• Apply Argan oil before sheet mask! Gives you a skin-hugging fit and deep hydration.

• Mix Argan oil with toner! Make your own moisturizing spray.
[How To Open]
• Lift transparent cap in the direction of the arrow and turn it backward until aluminum sealing is completely torn. Then separate the cap and remove remaining aluminum with fingers.
• After removing rubber cap, cover included cowl and press the front of the cone gently to place on palm and spread evenly on face.


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Ramosu Argan oil 100 _

Ramosu Argan oil 100 _

Ramosu Argan oil 100 _