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Ramosu Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 100 %

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[Product Description]

Aloe Vera containing high Moisture content hydrates dry skin immediately and soothes
skin, relieving irritation and stress.
This 100% ultra concentrate formula prevents and improves acne with Enriched in anti-inflammatory
properties which help to soothe skin.

[ Features]


1. Prevent and soothe acne
• Penetrate deep into the skin to kill off bacteria, P.acnes
• Suppress Excessive sebum production


2. Immediate hydration
Aloe vera has a high Moisture content that hydrates and rejuvenates dry skin. It delivers instant and immediate skin hydration to dehydrated, dry skin, keeping skin moisturized.


3. Immediately soothes irritated skin
Acne is aggravated by heat on the skin because heat stimulates sebaceous gland activity, Aloe Vera helps cool down and soothe the skin, can also rashes following sun exposure.
[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]
• Prevention and calming of acne
• Fast soothing of irritated skin
• For softening dry and rough skin
• Excellent moisturizing and skin regeneration effects
[Active ingredients]

100% pure Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
[How To Use]
After washing, apply a few drops and massage over the entire face until absorbed morning and night.


 [Mixing and matching with other skincare products]


• Combine with other Ramosu concentrate ampoules! Create your own custom skincare serums.
• Add to any lotion or cream! Double the Aloe Vera Leaf benefits.

• Mix Aloe Vera Leaf Extract with toner! Make your own moisturizing spray.


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Ramosu Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 100 _

Ramosu Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 100 _

Ramosu Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 100 _