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Ramosu Regenerating Spot Face Cream

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[Product Description]

Mucin helps strengthen the skin barrier. Kelp, yam, and okra extracts rich in mucin and active agents like phytogenic squalene and adenosine add elasticity to wrinkles around eyes, nasojugal fold and neck.

They also improve dark skin tone and rough skin texture, creating a bright and lively skin.



1. Improve fine lines with two-step moisture retention system

• Step 1 : Replenish

Ramosu Regenerating Spot Face Cream with Hyaluronic acid has unique ability to
attract and hold up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture. It fills the skin with moisture
and provides an immediate lifting effect.


Step 2 : Moisture Protection

Natural phytogenic oil with excellent skin moisturizing effects creates moisture barrier.
It creates a firm skin by reducing moisture loss.
Phytogenic squalene strengthens fallen skin barrier and boosts immunity, blocking
harmful factors that could accelerate aging.


2. KFDA certified dual functional cream for whitening / anti-wrinkle

• Stimulating skin elasticity through collagen synthesis promotion (anti-wrinkle)
• keeping the youth with own viability of cell (anti-wrinkle)
• Improvement of skin pigmentation, redness reduction, DNA damage restoration, reduction of melanin (whitening)


3. Promotes skin regeneration
Natural complex ingredients like kelp, yam, and okra are added
(Patent application: 10-2015-0055010)


4. Eye cream for the whole face

It has a light texture, unlike conventional eye creams that have a heavy, oily and
paste-like texture. It also absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any residue.
That is why It is great for the whole face.
[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]
• Prevention of skin aging, improvement of blemishes and freckles
• Intensive elasticity enhancement of eye rimes / mouth area / neck wrinkles
• You can feel the effect after 30 seconds.
[Active ingredients]
Sodium Hyaluronate : Skin regeneration, anti-inflammation, antibacterial function, prevention of aging, skin moisturization
• Grape seed Oil : Protection of skin cell, anti-aging, enhancement of elasticity, prevention of pigmentation
• Olive oil : Antioxidant activity, improvement of dryness, waste removal, exfoliation, enhanced elasticity
• Macadamia seed oil : Skin barrier strengthening, anti-aging, skin cell regeneration, removing of free oxygen radicals
• Laminaria Japonica : Waste removal, skin soothing, strengthening of immunity, antioxidant activity, high moisturizing
• Hibiscus Esculentus : Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, restoration of skin barrier function, anti-inflammatory function, high moisturizing
• Dioscorea Japonica : Fatigue calming, antioxidant function, increase of skin elasticity, anti-wrinkle, high moisturizing
• Vegetable squalane : Skin protection, natural moisturizing factor, anti-aging, reinforcement of elasticity / gloss
• Beta-glucan : Immunity enhancement, anti-bacterial function, anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenation, moisturizing
• Centella asiatica : Skin regeneration, trouble calming, wound healing, skin contraction
• Shea Butter :  Callus / cracked skin / atopy improvement, treatment of stretch marks, wrinkle improvement
• Adenosine : FDA notified anti-wrinkle functional material
• Niacinamide : FDA notified skin whitening improvement functional material

[How To Use]
After using a toner, Pat a small amount of cream onto areas of eyes, forehead and
nasolabial folds. And gently tap with fingers until it is absorbed.
If you apply it on the entire face, it will improve overall elasticity, creating firm skin.


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Ramosu Regenerating Spot Face Cream