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Ramosu Magic Clear Handmade Soap

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[RAMOSU Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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[Product Description]

This natural handmade soap that extracted ground citron is mixed with pH7~7.5. 
Creamy foam removes thoroughly pore impurities and citron scrub components naturally eliminate keratin. 
Even after face wash, moist feeling is remained and also clear and vital skin is maintained. 


1. Fresh natural citron fragrance is in soap

• Vitamin C helps you to feel good freshness because natural citron contains 3 times more vitamin C than lemon. 
• You can use it as air freshener for toilet because fragrance of fresh natural citron is sustained for a long time.  
• In addition, it helps to mitigate accumulated stress during study as it helps concentration. 

2. Containing natural scrub ingredient for exfoliation

Citrus byproducts (juice) which are generated during citron crushing, seed separation and cutting process, 
eliminate naturally keratin due to natural scrub effect. 

3. Rich foam makes pore clean

Despite of natural handmade soap, rich, creamy and high density foam eliminates thoroughly impurities from the pore. 
Soft bubble massage helps to improve sensitive and trouble skin.

4. Durability maintenance of handmade soap

Compared to existing natural handmade soap which is easily softened due to weakness against the moisture, 
this soap is not easily softened or crack is not occurred even though you use more than 90% of the soap 
because newly developed patented technology is applied.  

[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]

• Impurity removal and 2nd cleansing of makeup
• Exfoliation 
• bubble massage effect
• Antioxidant effect, prevention of skin aging.
• Anti-inflammatory, acne, trouble care
• Excellent hydration
• Natural citrus scent lasts even after face wash.

[Active ingredients]

• Citrus :  fatigue recovery, appetite increase, anti-aging, skin soothing, skin immune system enhancement
• Coconut oil : hydration, antibacterial effect, mitigation of skin inflammation  

[How To Use]

• After gently making bubbles, spread over the entire face and massage the skin in a circular motion with hands for about 1 minute.
• Remove bubbles thoroughly with luke warm water and rinse gently. 
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Ramosu Magic Clear Handmade Soap