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Ramosu Bounce-up Gold Mask Cream Pack

Product Detail Information

(50g + 5g) ( One-time use]

[Product Description]

It is a cream type hydration pack, transforming from a cream to a supple Jelly-like texture when mixed with
The cream and power contain active ingredients such as natural extracts from kelp, yam and okra and 24K gold to deliver hydration and nutrition.
Specifically designed this facial mask pack helps lighten the skin complexion and keep skin’s texture smoother and shinier with the purifying formula that removes dead skin cells while providing extraordinary, long-lasting hydration. 

[ Features]


1. It hydrates the skin from deep inside by constantly replenishing moisture.

• Ramosu Gold Mask Cream Pack uses SWRS (Slow Water Release System) which discharges moisture steadily. It maintains its elasticity and moisture for 48 hours.


 • Natural phytogenic oil with excellent hydrating effect and complex natural
extracts from kelp, yam, and okra rich in mucin create a hydrated and radiant skin.


2. Soothes the irritated skin

• Four kinds of natural phytogenic extract which have excellent soothing effect soothe
irritated skin and restore damaged skin, helping create a healthy and clean skin.

• It cools the skin the moment it is applied. It soothes the skin irritated by UV rays and
external stimulus and revitalizes the skin.


3. It adheres very closely to the skin, allowing active agents to penetrate into the skin

 • It completely adheres to the skin including rough surface and pores, allowing
active agents to penetrate into the skin effectively.


4. Super-Easy Home Aesthetic Mask

• You can enjoy expensive aesthetic care at home without special skills or tools
because it is easy to use.  
• You just need to mix the cream and the powder enclosed within the set no
need to measure amount of water. It is simple and easy modeling mask pack.



5. Brighten skin tone and smooth skin texture 

• 24K Gold Therapy

It contains pure gold which has excellent detoxifying and purifying effects. Small
particles of pure gold eliminate various pollutants and heavy metals which cause
aging through ion-exchange method. It completely removes impurities in pores.

• Contains brightening functional ingredient notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Niacinamide which is an excellent brightening agent suppresses melanin generation and

tyrosinase operation which makes skin dark, brightening the skin tone.


6. 100% Free from seven harmful ingredients

 • FREE             Mineral oil, Paraben, Animal-sourced ingredients, Benzophenone,
Trichloroethylene, Phtalate, SLES

[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]
• V line effect
• Glossy skin
• Moisturizing effect
• Whitening effect
• Wrinkle improvement
• Sebum control
• Exfoliation
• Cooling effect

[Active ingredients]
• Centella asiatica : Skin regeneration, trouble calming, wound healing, skin contraction
Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water : Promotion of skin cycle circulation, pore convergence, skin soothing, inhibition of toxic activation
Portulaca Oleracea : skin soothing, skin irritation relief, wound healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effects
Collagen : skin texture / damaged skin / dryness / trouble improvement, prevention of aging, high moisturizing
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil : skin protection, trouble calming, improvement of stretch marks / dryness, enhancement of elasticity / flexibility
• Grape seed Oil : Protection of skin cell, anti-aging, enhancement of elasticity, prevention of pigmentation
Gold : Prevention of aging, skin tone improvement, waste removal, high moisturizing
• Laminaria Japonica : Waste removal, skin soothing, strengthening of immunity, antioxidant activity, high moisturizing
• Hibiscus Esculentus : Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, restoration of skin barrier function, anti-inflammatory function, high moisturizing
• Dioscorea Japonica : Fatigue calming, antioxidant function, increase of skin elasticity, anti-wrinkle, high moisturizing
• Niacinamide : FDA notified skin whitening improvement functional material
Peptides :  Stem cell generation, skin rejuvenation, enhanced elasticity, wrinkle mitigation

[Ramosu Bounce Up Gold Mask Cream Pack includes]


Gold Mask Cream

• There is Gold Cream inside a cup. When you mix that cream with a powder, the cream mask pack will be formed.
•  It is a cream type mask pack. The mask pack will not go dry or harden for long time, maintaining the moisture.
• Natural phytogenic oil and nature derived extracts with kelp, yam and okra are used.


Mask Powder

•  It is easy to use because you can just mix cream with powder instead of measuring water separately.
•  Active agents in powder melt in the cream and are transmitted to the skin.
•  It includes fermented extracts.



• It is easy to mix, apply, and wash.


[How To Use]
1. Pour contents of the powder sachet into the cream cup and thoroughly mix them, using the spatula provided.

2. 2. Spread over the face evenly with the spatula.

3. After 15~30 minutes, Remove the cream pack slowly upward.

4. Finish with the toner or essence.


Apply it on the arms and legs, for a smooth and radiant skin texture smooth by
removing impurities like dead skin cells.



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Ramosu The Witches CREAM PACK Gold

Ramosu Bounce_up Gold Mask Cream Pack