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Ramosu Eyelash Conditioner

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[Basic Infomation]
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[RAMOSU Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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[Product Description]
It keeps your eyelashes well arranged without looking cakey from mascara. Enriched herbal complex containing 29 types of nature-derived plant ingredients such as cnidium officinale extract and ginseng extract nourishes and moisturizes your eyelashes and eyebrows and provides natural curling effect, leaving them thicker and adding volume.


1. Surprising change for 14 days.
• If you Use a Eyelash Conditioner on the eyelashes steady twice a day, your 
 eyelashes grow longer and luxuriant.
• Makes weak eyelashes thick and strong.

2. Natural eyelash growth tonic
• 29 types of natural ingredients  
- Jojoba, avocado, Aloe Vera, Chamomilla Recutita, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Ginseng, Portulaca Oleracea Extract  and other 29 types of natural ingredients 

• Peptide and oriental medicine complex extract
 - Contains Peptide that is effective moisturizing and nutrition supply. 
 - contain Cnidium Officinale Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract , and other oriental medicine complex extract.
• purified water 0%
- It contains a natural ingredients of Aloe Barbadensis Leaf that soothes instead of purified water.

3. Clean and sanitary composition

• Unlike the previous Mascara style that put brush in the container after using. Brush and conditioner are separate. So you can use and keep clean.
• It is divided into four cases, You can use it hygienically.

4. Complete human application test about skin stimulation

•  By minimizing stimulation, It’s free to use sensitive around eyes.
•  This Eyelash Conditioner has passed the skin stimulation test.

[Efficacy / effectiveness of product]

• Makes weak eyelashes longer and thicker!
• provide nutrition and moisturizing for the eyelashes.  
• After eyelashes -lengthening  procedure, faster recovery.
• Makes drooping eyelashes elastic.
[Active ingredients]

• Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water         moisturising, Soothe the sensitive skin
• Jojoba Seed Extract                 skin protection,  strengthen elasticity/ softness
• Cnidium Officinale Root Extract     regenerate skin tissues
• Peptide                             promote reconstruction, elasticity, moisturising,
• Panax Ginseng Root Extract          promote metabolism, Antioxidant effect
[How To Use]

• Use clean hands or brush to apply on the toner stage at least twice a day in mornings and evenings to spread on the eyelashes or desired areas of the eyebrows.
• stage of use : wash up → Skin toner → Eyelash Conditioner → Essence →Lotion → Cream

1) how to use Eyelash Conditioner 

1. What is Magic powder?

This is complex powder using Bio Fusion technology. 
If Eyelash Conditioner be mixed with Magic powder, It carries Active component to your deep areas of the skin.
So It makes eyelashes grow faster more than doubled.

1) how to use Eyelash Conditioner 

• After opening the cap of  Eyelash Conditioner, press the Magic powder and mix it.
  Use it By Adjusting about the size of a grain of rice
• Stir with included stick until mix thoroughly powder and Eyelash Conditioner.
• After putting some Eyelash Conditioner to brush or clean finger, Carefully apply on your the root of a eyelashes with clean finger or brush. 
  - make sure to Put it more than twice a day.

2) Directions for the use of magic powder.

• Before mixing, period of usage is 24 months respectively. But after mixing, period of usage is from 7 days to 10 days,
• remaining liquid is good to put on face as an essence. 

3) Way of keeping Magic powder.

• It should be kept at room temperature away from Hot and Humid place.
• It should be kept in clean place away from direct sunlight.
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Ramosu Eyelash Conditioner